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The 3 Best Online Movie Review Websites of 2016

Before I watch any movie I go to different movie review websites and read the reviews thoroughly. This makes me decide whether it’s worth watching a certain movie or not. I recommend these three movie review websites that you must read:

#1 Roger Ebert


It is the best movie review website. Roger Joseph Ebert was an American film critic, author, journalist, and screen writer. He was a film critic for the Chicago Sun-Times from 1967 till his death in 2013.

He wrote balanced reviews; appreciated movie’s virtues and identified the movie’s faults. He was an honest reviewer of movies. Ebert starts his reviews with long sentences, subordinate clauses and dialogue, making his writing very warm. There hasn’t been a movie critic like him.

#2 Guardian


Its film section is full of excellent movie reviews. It also contains a number of articles on different movies and past releases as well. Their ratings can be trusted.

#3 Rotten Tomatoes


This site gives you list and review of the worst movies. It mainly gathers all the reviews from the best publications and then makes an average of their scores. In doing so, you get movies with rating more than 50% and those less than 50%. They give you ratings of the worst films of the year. This alerts you from wasting your Friday night by watching a bad movie.

Movie reviews are very detailed and analyzes every aspects of the movie. It tells you about the plot, quality of direction, performance of actors and actresses, etc. Everyone has a unique taste of movies.

Reading the reviews, they can select which movies they want to see and which movies they can ignore. Life is busy now and you cannot afford to waste your precious time by watching a bad movie with your family on Friday night. These movie review sites will save your time and suggest you some great movies that you can enjoy.


Inception – SG’s Favorite Blockbuster Ever Released

This is one of my most favorite movies of all times. In this movie Dom Cobb is a clever thief who dangerously extracts valuable information from people’s mind when they are at a dream state.

blogpost2_image1This rare ability of his has made him an important player in the treacherous world, but it has cost him whatever he loved in his life. He is now given a last chance to accomplish something – inception. This time, they have to implant an idea on people’s mind instead of extracting it.

The Director

The director has done an extraordinary job in making the film and the acting was awesome. I think the story was great! It felt like a dream within a dream and beyond. I think the time differences, never ending staircase and the non gravity things are the main attractions in the film. The soundtrack is great also.

The Storyline

The storyline is unique and the character development is very smooth. You need to have a little bit of intelligence to understand the movie. Every time I watch the movie, I find something new in it and feel like watching it over again and again. Leonardo DiCaprio and Chris Nolan were at their best in this movie. I’ve heard many people say that the movie was too confusing; but I would ask them to see it again with a little more attention.

I found the last scene of the movie really gripping with the top spinning and you don’t know whether it’s going to continue spinning or stop. In my opinion, it is one of the smartest movies ever made. It is the movie for people who like to think when they are watching something. Inception is one of the greatest science fiction movies ever made.


5 Most Exciting Movies of 2016

As the year 2015 has almost come to an end, we can start looking forward to 2016. Some big blockbusters are coming up next year and I can’t wait to see them. Here is our pick for the biggest movies of 2016:

#1 Deadpool

This is a superhero movie led by Ryan Reynolds. The fans of Marvel have been waiting for this movie since 2010. The trailer appeared at San Diego Comic-Con. According to the trailer it seems that the movie is going to be a twisted and exciting one.

#2 Zoolander 2

Ben Stiller is back with Zoolander after fifteen years of nearly assassinating the Prime Minister of Malaysia. The details about the plot are not known yet, but it is expected to be one of the biggest hits of the year 2016.

#3 Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice

This is a $200million dollar superher mash-up movie. Here we will be able to see Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel and Ben Affleck’s Batman together. In this movie, the performance of Ben Affleck is said to be very strong. Fans of superhero movies would love to watch this blockbuster movie next year.

#4 The Jungle Book

This is a 3D adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s classic tales. Iron Man 3’s Jon Favreau is directing the movie. Ten year old Neel Sethi is the only live action actor who is playing Mowgli. Idris Elba, Scarlett Johansson and Bill Murray has voiced in the movie.

#5 Captain America: Civil War

This is the third series of Captain America which is set after the events of this year’s Age of Ultron. In this film, the Avengers crew will face increased accountability from a governing body. The cast includes Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr.

You must mark all these movies in your ‘must watch’ list for next year. Most of these movies is expected to be a block buster.